Ittezan ERP

We give you great flexibility in configuration as per your business requirements. We take care all the ERP functions and analysis tools to match your company's needs. Users can thereby get the ultimate customizations and personalization in their work page.

Point of Sales

The Point of Sale (POS) has gained wide popularity in the market replacing the conventional cash registers. The POS system or in simple words a software for supermarket offers great flexibility and transparency to business owners via speedy payment services and real-time access to information about inventory and customers

Human Resources Management

in any organization, the most significant and strenuous task the company has to deal with is managing their human capital. We, Ittezan solutions have crafted an all-in-one suite of application for the effective and efficient management of human resource in an organization. Our open source HR Software,


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laundry's Management System:

Keep a complete record of your client information for personalized service, fast processing and complete customer satisfaction.


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