ITTEZAN-ERP covers all your business need in a one perfect solution. No more interfaces between different software required.

لماذا إتـــزان ؟

Ittezan Software and Marketing Solutions offers a range of integrated solutions, software, technology, engineering, marketing and consultancy services for designing and programming websites, smart applications, enterprise resource management systems, business solutions, infrastructure services and enterprise and enterprise networks.

Ittezan uses best-of-technologies for ERP Implementation.

We develop rich, user-friendly and effective applications using python and PostgreSQL

Ittezan Software and Marketing Solutions

Ittezan Ittezan a Saudi company specialized in the field of information technology, software and marketing solutions and services, which provides integrated solutions and consulting services, for the design and programming of websites and applications of smart devices, enterprise resource management systems, network solutions and marketing solutions

Why Ittezan

Our expertise enables us to provide our services in a way that combines the development of information technology and the fields of electronic business to suit the needs of the market.
We continuously nurture and develop the skills of our team to raise the level of our practical and scientific expertise in a consistent manner with the level of our local and international partners in providing services by providing our integrated services and solutions to our customers in the private and government sectors


Take your business to the next level! Create a website for your business. We can help you create a website for your business for an affordable price.Readmore...


We offer system development that may help your company/business have easier processing of transactions. Just contact us for more information about our System Development Service.Readmore...


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help increase your website's leads and sales. Just contact us for information about our SEO service.Readmore...


Create branding, promotion ads for your business. We can help you design your logo and promotional ads. Just contact us for a quote of our Graphic Design service.Readmore...

ERP Solutions

Ittezan uses best-of-technologies for Odoo Implementation. We develop rich, user-friendly and effective applications using python and PostgreSQL. Readmore...

Networking Services

Ittezan Technologies makes it simple for your business to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, Readmore...

"We will serve you"

Ittezan Software & Marketing Solutions is proud to be a technology service provider serving the local and global market by providing comprehensive solutions such as software solutions, design and restructuring of websites and smart device applications. Software companies and institutions as well as network solutions, equipment and technical equipment ,,,

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